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The latest news for Pete's recovery
30 / 09 / 15
My dearest friends, it's time to finally inform you of the latest news.
Currently, the situation looks like this - on January 15, 2016,†we can wait on the first results when my first computer tomography in 5 months will be done and sent to Germany, Munich.
Until then I'm struggling with heavy radiation side effects.
Next CT test is planned again after half a year for March 15, 2016.
Then I'll know for sure where I am.

The Swamp Shakers perform as a trio
22 / 09 / 15
The Swamp Shakers continue to perform as a trio.
For the list of concerts, please go to "Gigs".
You can see some videos and photos of the band's performances on our Facebook page -
See you at the concerts! 

(Foto: M‚rtiÚū Ziders, Ģurn‚ls "Kas Jauns")

The therapy is finished!
21 / 09 / 15
The therapy at the Rinecker Proton Therapy center is finished!

Now to rehabilitation!

14 / 08 / 15
Alll the following will be seen on FB

Here we are!
11 / 08 / 15
At Rinecker Proton Therapy Center

Cordial thanks for anyone of you!!!!
11 / 08 / 15
Cordial thanks for anyone of you!!!! All the missing money are now collected within one and a half day!!!! Special thanks for all your well - wishings, I have read each and every of your great messages, I'm very touched! I'll let you all know how it goes furter! Love you all, my buddies!

Plea for urgent help!
08 / 08 / 15
My dear good friends, fans and rockiní buddies!

Iím so very happy I was able to be with yíall through the years and we could share together our favourite Rockiní sounds that were also performed by me and my great band - The Swamp Shakers! Iím very grateful to you for all these happy times!
But this time Iím coming to you with really sad message and a plea for help. One of the worst cancer forms, liposarkoma, hit me hard. I struggled with it almost for two years already, but just lately it threw methastasises to my lungs. Itís very aggressive and unpredictible. Now my last and only hope is to go through the 6 weeks therapy at the Rineker Protontherapy Center in Munich, Germany - (http://www.rptc.de/en/home.html). Prothontherapy is still most innovative and less hamful treatment of tumors that almost doesnít make any harm to patientsí healthy cells. I desperately need 21 000 EUR more on top of the finances I already have to fulfill this all 6 weeks course. I beg you to help me ASAP to collect this missing sum! And I thank you with all my heart!

My bank requisites for donations:

Pits Andersons 220345 Ė 10138
Account at Swedbank Ė LV63HABA000151A102803
"Swedbank" AS, SE Latvia branch

Client service phone number is +371 67444444 or writing to e-mail info@swedbank.lv

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