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Награда "Золотой Микрофон" за вклад всей жизни!
21 / 03 / 16
15 марта Питу на церемонии в Национальной Опере была присуждена награда за развитие Латвийской музыки - "За вклад всей жизни" - "Золотой микрофон".

04 / 02 / 16
Dear friends and fans,

January 20 was a very sad day for us. We lost Pete Anderson. The Man who not only created The Swamp Shakers band, but who started it all here. It’s a huge loss for us, for Latvia, for the world rockabilly community... Pete is a Sun Records legend for this part of the world.

His powerful voice was in greatest shape till the very last minute. He could give us so much more great music on CDs and vinyl records. He left us too early, it’s unfair and extremely illogical...

Pete was a great guy, a real Man. He devoted all his life to rockabilly and rock’n’roll music. He knew everything about this music and it’s precursors. He kept the authenticity, and at the same time created his own new brass-a-billy sounding. He gave us so much knowledge and inspiration.

We will miss him a lot.

The good thing is - Pete is now together with Carl Perkins, Elvis, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Burnette brothers and other legendary rockabilly and rock’n’roll musicians. For sure they have a great party now!

Pete will always live in his music.

He wanted us to continue to play and we will definitely continue what he started. We have to spread the word about rockabilly as much as we can, we will play the music we love...
For those who want to read again about Pete, and to know more about the Real Rebel biography, we’ll continue to support this website -www.pitsandersons.lv and his Facebook page -https://www.facebook.com/pete.anderson.3994?fref=ts.

With Love,

Karlis (Mr. Splash!), Anna (Hurricane Annie) and Marcis (Magic Marc)
The Swamp Shakers


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