Beginning of the 90’s passed by intensely traveling with his 8-piece “Archives” band from one music festival to another all over Western Europe. Plenty of original r’n’r and country music stars and youth idols were met at those festivals.
In 1991 the video clip based on Louie Prima's famous song “Jump, Jive An’ Wail” is created and included in the film called “Rock'n'roll in Baltic”, which was shown in many countries all over the world at the different film festivals, including USA. Pete’s original idea and concept of this clip seems to be copied in 1999 by Brian Setzer Orchestra with an extremely similar video, same song, with exactly identical choreography and contents. Some may consider this plagiarism.

Pete’s passion and self–dedication to Rock and Roll music ignited a tremendous spark to new generation of Latvian and other countries’ musicians. In 1993 famous American script writer and film director Paul Haggis inspired by Pete’s life story decided to shoot the film „Red Hot”, that was mostly based on beginnings of rock’n’roll in Latvia. Even such great actors as Donald Sutherland, Armin Mueller-Stahl and Balthazar Getty were involved in this movie.  Pete was hired as a music coach and historical consultant. When it came to the final editing, the financing value from the producers significantly decreased. This, as well as director’s strong will to get as close as possible to Hollywood cliches, obviously diminished film’s quality. http://www.hollywood.com/movies/detail/movie/177378,

”Archives” existed until 1995. In April 1996 Pete forms a new dynamic group – “Pete Anderson & The Rhythm Kings”. In November 1996 brand new CD album – “Rockin’ Christmas Time” is recorded. In spring of 1997 Anderson also realized his dream of a lifetime when the president of PSB Records Nicolas Binkley invited him to America to take part in the recording session with the rockabilly trio from San Diego – “Russell Scott & The Red Hots”. They recorded together a song “I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine”. As a continuation of his trip, Pete spends another three months in US and visits most of the famous music centers of America – New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Miami. In Florida he meets his friend Nicole Yarling from “Little Nicky & The Slicks” and goes to all their gigs with Nicky’s new band “Weld”, often sits in for a song or two.

In 1999 Pete is producing and releasing another CD - ”Swingin’ As Always” – a compilation from the previous 10 years' period recordings, most of them not previously released.
Then follows a new era with a band called simply “Pete Anderson Band”.
In 1999 Pete was filmed for a commercial of "Grindevit" vitamins shown on National Latvian TV.

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Photo session in the "New Theatre"
The Archives
"Pete Anderson & His Archives" as an 8-piece band, the second line-up (with saxes)
2nd rock'n'roll meeting in Latvia, Archives & Friends, 1990
2nd rock'n'roll meeting in Latvia, Archives & friends, 1990
Wildfire Willie in Riga, 1990
In his BMW 1939
"Red Hot - a rock and roll love story " - booklet for film's premiere
"Pete Anderson & His Archives" as a 5-piece band, the third line-up (without saxes), 1993
"The Archives" near Lenin's monument, "The Archives" video clip filming, 1994
Sporta Palace, 1995
Pete Anderson & His Rhythm Kings, 1996
"Rhythm Kings", Jan Rohde & Ivo Linna, 1996, "Let's All Rock Together", Riga
Rock Summer, Riga, 1996
Christmas CD poster
In "Alligator" club, Jerry Lee Lewis birthday party, 29-09-1999
In Alligator club
In "Alligator" club
Club "Saxophone", 1999
Photo for a Magazine, 1999
Photos from tours, with fans, friends, musicians etc.
CD's recorded, mp3 samples
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