In 1980 Pete suddenly gets a letter  from his old Estonian friend Heigo Mirka which contains a photo of a new band - “Rock Hotel”. Later, around 1982, they invited him to join the band on their way to Lithuania, where they had to perform at the music festival in Shiauliai. Pete gladly accepts the invitation. On their way to Lithuania they have a concert in a small club in Latvian city Bauska. In the middle of the concert the lead singer of “Rock Hotel” Ivo Linna, suddenly announced that famous Latvian rock singer Pete Anderson is in the audience and calls him onstage to sing a song with the band. Trembling from excitement, Pete sings one of Carl Perkins classics “Blue Suede Shoes”. Audience goes wild and Pete understands that he can’t live anymore without rock’n’roll music and decides to have a band and to sing again, to try to make his come-back. So, getting back to Riga, Pete is looking for some fellow musicians. There were plenty of them auditioned before “Rock And Roll Band”, later „Dopings” renamed to „Rock Archives” and then „ARCHIVES” is formed.
On December 1985 Pete is shown on Latvian TV for the very first time. Most of the people decided that this is just another American Latvian who occasionally showed up in Latvia for a short visit.
In 1986, when rock and rock’n’roll musicians were finally allowed  to play officially, he was the main sensation of the „Bildes ‘86” festival in Riga.
At famous „Liepajas Dzintars ‘87” music festival in Liepaja audiences standing ovation kept him on the stage for a one hour encore. Even the members of the jury couldn’t resist the dancing and Chairman of the jury, most famous Latvian pop composer Raimonds Pauls even joined the band on piano for ”Lucille”!
"Pete Anderson and The Archives" becomes an important attraction and has a great success in many other rock festivals, including trips to Leningrad Rock Club, concerts in Vilnius Sports Palace, festivals “Lithuanica”, „Rock-Panorama” in Moscow along with Russia’s biggest pop megastars etc.
Finally Pete Anderson’s name again gets back its lost glory and classical 50’s rock’n’roll music gets a wide popularity among young people of Latvia, who had never heard this kind of music before. Lots of jitterbug and jive dance courses are open and the dance craze goes on and on.
In 1988 a magazine called “Krugozor” in Moscow despite the harsh censorship is brave enough to release the first record of “The Archives” with two songs on it - “On The Road Again” and medley “I’m Ready / I’m Walking”.
Later same year even the first trip abroad to Poland to the country music festival at Kamien Pomorski takes place under strong surveillance of KGB agent.

In the 80’s, Anderson was obsessed with the idea of playing authentic rockabilly with addition of brass instruments. He also gave a specific name to this style – BRASSABILLY (combining brass and rockabilly). In a way this band preceded by many years the resurgence of the swing revival sound. His band “The Archives” had three saxophones in that day, occasionally also trombone and trumphet. Pete together with a line up of nine musicians started touring almost all of Western Europe (see  some photos at the Photo Gallery / Tours).

In March of 1989 he becomes a member of Swedish Rock’n’roll club run by Mr. Bo Berglind, who helps Pete with his band to go to Jonkoping International Easter rock’n’roll Festival in Sweden, where the guys play on the same bill with Hayden Thompson, The Ventures and Johnny J. & The Hitmen from USA, Johnny & The Roccos from Scotland, Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers and lots more. This show was really a great success for Pete & The Archives! Two big commercial tours to Denmark follow then one after another. Their first Danish tour is together with American rhythm and blues group from Florida – “Little Nicky & The Slicks”.

In November 1989 the band appears in England for the first time where they participate in a huge Rock’n’roll show promoted by Paul Barrett in Brean Sands together with Bill Haley’s Original Comets. For Pete that’s a dream come true! Pete even had a chance to sing a few songs with The Comets! Significant part of the BBC documentary from this festival called “Sweet Mystery Of Rock’n’Roll” is also Pete’s interview. Due to this very sincere, openly anti-Soviet interview, Mr. Paul Barrett, being a devoted member of Communist Party, decides that he can not deal with Pete anymore just because of the obvious ideological matters and their ways part since then. 
In December of this triumphant year of 1989 the only recording company in Soviet Union - “Melodia” records the live album – “Pete Anderson & The Archives Live!”. This now legendary vinyl LP entered the history of Soviet  rock music as the first LP recorded by the local musician all in English, all consisting of classical American rock’n’roll standards. Along with this recording the shooting of a documentary “Pits Andersons” by “Telefilma  Riga” (directed by Dzintra Geka) also took place.

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1st rock'n'roll meeting in Latvia
"Archives", Concert in RPI, 1989
With Rozenshtrauhs, two of the most demanded artists of 80's - beginning of 90's
"Archives", the 1st Line-up
"The Acrhives"
"Bildes 1986" Festival
"The Dopings"
Photo for the First CD (Filics)
Horns, "The Archives"
Eino (Ken Kulmen) - Pianist of "The Archives"
Concert in Draudziba
Dismantling of Lenin's Monument, Riga
In the background - poster of 1972 "London Rock'n'Roll Revival Show"
"Microphone 1988" Festival, Riga
The Chairman of the Jury, R.Pauls playing with "The Archives" in Liepaja, 1987
In "Vermandarzs" before the concert
Promo pic
Promo picture
Promo picture
One of self-made badges of "The Archives" fans
"The Archives" - Sax Players
Vilno City Festival
Photo for Moscow's "Rock Panorama"
Promo pic, 1986
"The Dopings"
First TV appearance
"The Dopings"
Riga, In "Draudziba"
Riga Center , "Vermandarzs" Park
Riga Center , "Vermandarzs" Park
"Rock Archives", 1986
Leopard skin jacket (now in Liepaja Rock Museum)
In Cesis, 1987
The Archives on Stage, Zelenograd
"Archives" in Viborg, 1988
"VEF" club, friendship evening with Indian people...
The Archives in England, 1989
One of "The Archives" posters :)
"Rock'n'Roll Band", 1984
Iecava, Underground Jam Session, 1982
Iecava underground session
The Rock Club Underground Session
Photos from tours, with fans, friends, musicians etc.
CD's recorded, mp3 samples
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