2000 - Today
In December 2000, famous Swedish promoter Hans Edler invites Pete Anderson to Stockholm to take part in “Rock Gala” concerts where he is the only special guest from abroad. He sings on a same stage with the biggest 50’s and 60’s Swedish rock’n’roll stars like Jan Rohde, Rockin’ Boris, Little Gerhard, Rock Olga, Burken, Kenneth Swanstrom and others. All musicians are backed by Swedish rockabilly band “The T-Cats”.

In March of 2002 Pete again goes to USA, this time to South of Texas to a small town Mercedes to record his first 100% American CD album “Texeclectic” with a bunch of local studio musicians led by his friend – famous country & western musician, music professor, virtuoso guitarist Ray Tate.

Same as many other musicians Pete had to have a day job and for three years Pete was a territory representative for “Motorola” in Latvia and Estonia. 
According to many musicians and music critics and reviewers opinion, Pete’s interpretations and arrangements of the fifties musical stuff are among the best ones.
Pete has the talent of finding those great but well-forgotten songs and giving these musical treasures a brand new life.
Lately Pete has been writing his own songs. One of them - "Baby I'm Crazy 'Bout You" was included in his CD album “Sentimental”, released in 2004 and dedicated to his wife Anna. More Pete's own songs are included in his newest album "Brass-A-Billy" (2008) and on The Swamp Shakers' promo CD "Panic Boogie" (2011).

Today Pete Anderson is going full steam with his band playing numerous club gigs and music festivals all over the Baltic and Western Europe. With his energetic performances he has successfully toured Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Germany, England and USA. From 1991 he was constantly booked on the same shows with many legendary rock’n’roll greats such as Bill Haley’s Original Comets, Gene Vincent’s Blue Caps, Jack Scott, Billy Lee Riley, Hayden Thompson, Ventures, Roddy Jackson and many other famous artists. Pete has also appeared on numerous European radio and TV shows and commercials. 
Pete Anderson is a member of “Gene Vincent's Official Fan Club Of England”, honorary member of “Elvis Presley Fan Club Of Estonia” , “Moscow’s Elvis Presley Memorial” member, “Swedish Rock’n’roll Club” member, "Wild Cats" (Denmark) club's member as well as the only entertainer from Latvia and the whole ex-Soviet Union, that is mentioned in “Rockabilly Hall Of Fame”
http://www.rockabillyhall.com/RockClockTribute.html .

For two years Pete Anderson had worked as a radio host on one of the first independent radio stations in Latvia - Radio Skonto, presenting his own popular radio show named “Be-Bop Boogie And The Rockin’ Rhythm Review”.
In 2000 he had organized the only rock’n’roll and country music club „Alligator” in Riga and for three years he was a music manager of it. Unfortunately the club was pressed to close because the premises were sold by the owner.
From 2005 Pete has renewed the organization of International Rock'n'roll Festivals in Latvia. On May 1, 2007 already third festival has blasted off.
Many famous rock'n'rollers have successfully appeared there - Mike Sanchez, Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers, Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys, The Jive Cats, The Refreshments, DiMaggio Brothers, Ivo Linna & Rock Hotel among others.
"Pete Anderson & The American Dream" gave a tremendous show at the famous UK's "Rhythm Riot" festival in October 2007, getting very positive reviews in "Now Dig This" and "UK ROCK" magazines.

In recent years Pete, like in good old "Archives" times, from time to time performs again in an extended line-up with two or three saxes and occassionally with steel guitar.

In 2008, Razzle Dazzle Records released the newest Pete's solo CD album  "Brass-A-Billy". It is a further development of Pete’s idea of melting rockabilly with swing, which "The Archives" realized already in the eighties, this time in a new, rather unusual way. 

"Brass-A-Billy" album is acknowledged by the "JUST PLAIN FOLKS" (JPF) - the biggest music organization in the world today, as “THE WINNER OF JPF MUSIC AWARDS FOR THE BEST ROCKABILLY ALBUM 2009 (Nashville, TN)"www.jpfolks.com.
In the spring of 2009 the brand new band - "Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers" was formed. The youngest member of the band - Hi-Fi Marc - is 17 years old.

The line-up of the band since 2012:
Rockin’ Pete - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Slappin’ Annie - slap bass, back vocals 
Hi-Fi Marc (Marcis Liepinsh)- lead guitar, back vocals
Mr. Splash! (Karlis Paukshte) – drums, back vocals
“The Swamp Shakers” is the only professional band in the whole Latvia playing real classical Rockabilly music, thus fulfilling Pete’s life-long dream of creating the real authentic band. All the band members are truly dedicated and gifted musicians that got together with the strong desire to play on a competent level the rockabilly music which they all are madly in love with, creating fun & joy for themselves and the audiences as well.  This band is kinda special in a way they present their musical skills and stylistic image.
„We play our own versions of the 50’s classic rockabilly tunes, some old-fashioned country and hillbilly with the fresh sound, fresh arrangements and energetic, joyful, emotionally attractive performance as well as our own compositions and we wish to popularize this great music and 50’s culture here in Latvia and elsewhere!”

In March 2010, the band had a very successful tour to Finland, performed in the best rock'n'roll clubs in five cities, headlined the „Rock’n’roll Party” festival in Iisoppi (Nokia) and performed a solo concert in one of the best jazz clubs in the world - the infamous „Storyville” (Helsinki).
In February - March of 2011 the band visited Norway with four concerts.
In June 2011 "The Swamp Shakers" performed at the most prestigious rockabilly festival in Europe - "ROCKABILLY RAVE" (www.rockabillyrave.co.uk) (Camber Sands, East Sussex, UK) and got the great feedback both from the audience and the reviewers.
In August 2011 the band had played seven gigs at one of the biggest jazz festivals in Norway - Silda Jazz Festival (www.sildajazz.no).
In 2012 the band in new line-up again performed in Finland, and in 2013, in Germany, Russia and Turkey.
In 2014, the band is invited to perform at Rockin' Around Turnhout festival in Belgium (April 2014, https://www.facebook.com/rockinaroundturnhout), and Terschelling Rock and Roll Street Festival (Holland, https://www.facebook.com/Rock.Roll.Street.Terschelling).  
In 2013, The Swamp Shakers recorded 14 original songs live in Berlin, at the famous Lightning Recorders studio. The CD will be out on Rhythm Bomb in the beginning of 2014.

There are few live videos of the band on You Tube and Facebook:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEwMJ81JyCo - Baby Let's Play House 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQDS3_AfDLk - Shake Shack A Dooby
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlS2WLo8o_Q   – Rock’n’roll Ruby 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpbLzVVp2to    – Travelin’ Light
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpcHa_VfI4Q     – Blue Moon Of Kentucky
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G6yna6WZQI   – Big Fool

You can watch some newer videos of the band -

Just Because - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKUjuKiLmtM
Flying Saucers Rock’n’roll - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w66citqyd48&feature=related 

Original songs, Lithuania, 2011, Sea Festival, live:
"You Will Be My Hot Rod" ("My Rusty Beauty") -
"I'm Flabbergasted" -

In 2012 - 2013 (original songs are out on the new CD "Enjoy The Ride!" in 2014):

Red Corvette - May 2013 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e5rvxwaoZw
Come Back To Me - May 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaxwwDYJjII 
Hula Hoop Baby - December 2013 - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=617784141616263&set=vb.103649706363045&type=2&theater 

Pete Anderson has lots of fans all over the world.

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Norway tour, Merilyn Monroe statue (Haugesund, Norway), March 2011
Brass-A-Billy CD outdoor, Old City, April 2008
Brass-A-Billy CD presentation, Origo department store, April 2008
(photo: Raitis Puriòð, diena.lv)
Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2009, best rockabilly album of the year, Nashville, 2009
Festival Bildes, December 3, 2005
USA Indepence Day cake, July 2005
Pete Anderson & The Swamp Shakers, 2014
September 2005
Gig in "The Irish Viking" (Norway), March 2011
After gig at "The Irish Viking" (Norway), with May
"The Monitor", Southern Texas newspaper
With Mike Sanchez, October 2006, Riga (photo by: Aigars Lapsa)
Vilnuis, Lithuania, April 2006
Kurland Bike Meet, July 2006
International Bikers' Meet in Trakai, May 2006
"Midsummer Madness" film, July 2006
"Midsummer Madness filming, July 2006
"Midsummer Madness" filming, July 2006
December 2006
Johnny Cash 75th anniversary, Tallinn, March 10, 2007
Riga Congress Hall, April 12, 2007, - Rock'n'Roll Birthday!
Concert on the same bill with Tommy Castro Band
American Auto Show, summer 2007
Rock'n'roll event for Young Architects, 2007
Rock'n'Roll Festival
Beale street, September 2007
Graceland, September 2007
Elvis monument on Hawaii, October 2007
Sun Studio
Sun Studio
Rhythm Riot! 2007, UK
December 2007
In the Club "Feelings" :), January 2008
Doc's Sab Caddy couch, California, 2008
Brass-A-Billy CD Presentation, evening party, casino "Olympic", April 2008
Brass-A-Billy CD presentation, evening party, casino "Olympic", April 2008
Summer Jamboree (Italy) 2008, with The Abbey Town Jump Orchestra
Brass-A-Billy upright bass cake :)
Country Festival "Visagino" 2008, Lithuania
Abbey Town Jump Orchestra, Summer Jamboree, Italy, 2008
Pete & Anna, Klaipeda (Lithuania), 2010
21st Rock'n'roll Party, March 2010, Iisoppi, Finland
Jazz club "Parks", Valmiera, July 2011
Silda Jazz Festival, Norway, August 2011
USA, November 2011, with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Granada Theater, Emporia, KS
One of the most memorable dinners in my life!!!
With two of the Bill Haley's Original Comets - Dick Richards, Joey D'Ambrose and his wife Marion. Branson, MO, November 15, 2011
In "Alligator" club, 2000, celebration of Elvis 65th birthday
Promo pic, 2001
Hawaii 2002
With "Geezers" - Andy, Don Humphrey, "Hank's Cafe", Honolulu, Hawaii, 2002
"Voodoo" casino, 2003
"Guitar Safary" music club in Tallinn
Vammala 2003, Finland, with Wildfire Willie
'60 Caddy, Rock'n'Roll Festival in Vammala, Finland
"Visagino Country" Festival, Lithuania, 2003
Estonia, "Elva Country" Festival, July 2004
Estonia, "Elva Country" Festival, July 2004
Texeclectic CD
Riga, Mezhciems
Alcatraz, 2004, with Jeffery Lomax
In the studio
In G.E.M. recording studio, with wife Anna, 2004
Son Glen Oliver, 2004
"Sentimental" CD presentation
Invitation to Elvis Party, January 8th, 2005, Liepaja
Swedish rock'n'roll club membership card
Estonian Elvis' club membership card
Rockabilly Hall of Fame Certificate
Photos from tours, with fans, friends, musicians etc.
CD's recorded, mp3 samples
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